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Foxconn Renegotiates Wisconsin Subsidy Contract

April 29, 2021

Last week, Foxconn Technology Group, along with the Governor’s office of the State of Wisconsin, released news that the two sides had agreed on a renegotiated contract for subsidies for […]
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Display Technology OLEDs Foldable

Quarterly Foldable/Rollable Display Shipment and Technology Report

Latest version - March 11th, 2021

DSCC has received excellent reviews for its 3 annual reports on foldable display technology and markets. Due to strong demand, it is now updating its foldable content quarterly. Included in this new quarterly report are quarterly updates to shipments by brand and model, roadmaps, design wins, detailed product specifications, cost analysis, technology […]
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Display Costs

Biannual IT Panel Cost Report

Due to the expectation that OLEDs and MiniLED backlit LCDs will see growing penetration into the tablet, notebook and desktop monitor markets, DSCC has developed a cost model that compares all existing and emerging advanced display technologies entering these markets. These include a-Si LCD/Oxide LCD/LTPS LCD/ MiniLED backlit LCD/rigid OLED/flexible OLED/foldable OLED/WOLED/Inkjet […]
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Quarterly Advanced Smartphone Features Report

April 2021

This report includes all the smartphone data from our OLED Shipment Report while adding significantly more data and insight. It provides shipments, share and forecasts on all the key parameters our customers are concerned about regarding the display and beyond. There are over 400 AMOLED smartphone configurations in our database including variations […]
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Weekly Review Headlines

May 10th, 2021

The Lead

  • LCD Capex Up, OLED Capex Down in Latest DSCC Equipment Spending Report Reflecting Market Conditions
  • AMOLED Materials Market to Grow 36% in 2021
  • DSCC Adds New Analyst in Japan

Display Suppliers

  • BOE Reports Q1’21 Profits
  • Visionox Q1’21 Financial Analysis
  • HannStar Rides LCD Demand Wave to Higher Q1 Profits
  • LG Electronics Expands Marketing to Special OLEDs


  • Insights on Next iPhone Display Allocations, Updated Roadmap
  • Latest Samsung Foldable Rumors


  • TV Brands Ride Pandemic Demand to Profitable Q1
  • Panasonic May Outsource TV Production to TCL

Display Materials

  • UDC Reports Solid Profits in Q1
  • Glassmaker Earnings – NEG, AGC and Comparison
  • Nichia Boosts MiniLED Production Capacity
  • Apple Awards $410M from its Advanced Manufacturing Fund to II-VI

Fabs and Equipment

  • Rohinni Increases Speed of MiniLED Placement with Bondheads Running in Parallel
  • Just 4 Awards Last Week


  • Tooz Starts Shipping Smart Glasses in Europe


  • SID/DSCC Business Conference Launches Start-Up Session with an Emphasis on OLED Materials
  • The SID/DSCC Business Conference Covers Revived IT Display Sector

Display Stocks and the Economy

  • Stocks Mostly Rise Despite Weak April Jobs Data, Panel Makers Sell Off on Profit Taking

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