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MiniLED Backlight Technology, Cost and Shipment Report

MiniLED backlights have gathered a lot of interest for use in LCDs in the last few years. MiniLED backlights can potentially offer numerous advantages over other flat-panel display technologies, most notably in high brightness, high contrast ratio, lower power consumption than WOLED TV, and higher efficiency. The superior performance makes miniLED backlights attractive for use in a variety of applications, ranging from super large TVs to IT applications. Automotive and industrial applications are also advantageously addressed by miniLED backlight technologies due to its higher brightness and higher contrast ratio.
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Quarterly Smartphone Display Cost Report

Due to the growing penetration of OLEDs into smartphones, DSCC has developed a cost model that compares and forecasts LTPS and OLED smartphone display costs. The cost model also examines all of the different form factors currently or coming into the smartphone market. Panel covered include - ​Rigid 5.5"/6.0" 16:9, 6.0"/6.4" 18-19.5:9, Flexible 5.5" 16:9, 5.8"/6.0"/6.2"/6.5" 18-19.5:9 . ​More displays will be added as these categories continue to emerge. Includes detailed BOM results and forecasts, panel prices and panel margins.
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Quarterly Advanced TV Display Cost Report

Given the price sensitivity of the TV market, costs play a big factor in determining which TV technologies are likely to dominate. This report quantifies and forecasts costs, prices and margins for panel suppliers at the high end of the TV market, covering 55", 65" and 77" sizes . It covers costs from various regions of production for OLEDs, Quantum Dot (QLED) and LCD. It also examines new approaches to manufacturing OLED TVs including ink jet printing and their impact on costs.
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