Advanced Tablets Still Performing Well Although Q2’22 Was Lowest Quarter Since Q2’21

Published September 26, 2022

Advanced Tablet (OLED and MiniLED) panel shipments fell 23% Q/Q while rising 10% Y/Y in Q2’22 to 1.9M units. It was the lowest quarter since Q2’21 as the iPad Pro is getting long in the tooth, ready for a refresh in Q4’22. Q3’22 is expected to rebound to 2.1M units, up 14% Q/Q and 12% Y/Y helped by the launch of the ~$500 OLED Huawei Mate Pad Pro 11” and the ramp of a new 12.9” Apple iPad Pro expected to launch in October. On an annual basis, we show a healthy 31% growth to 8.8M panels, 8% higher than our forecast, which is mostly due to the 11” Huawei Mate Pad Pro 2022 expected to perform better than previously expected. This contrasts with the total tablet market which is expected to fall 13% in 2022 to 195M panels with LED LCD tablet panels down 14%. OLED tablet panels are expected to rise 32% to 3.7M with MiniLED LCD panels rising 31% to 5.1M. MiniLEDs should maintain a 58% to 42% unit share advantage in 2022, same share as in 2021. Advanced Tablet panels are expected to account for a 4.5% share of the total tablet market on a unit basis in 2022, up from 3.0% in 2021. On a revenue basis, the Advanced Tablet share is expected to rise from 14% in 2021 to 24% in 2022 on 23% growth to $1.9B. MiniLEDs to maintain a large advantage over OLEDs, 79% to 21% on the high price of Apple’s MiniLED panels.

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Ross Young