Coming Soon: DSCC’s Advanced TV Shipment Report

Published March 24, 2020

DSCC is working on a new report for the TV market, a product of our collaboration with China-based market research provider DiScien. We expect to have this report available in the first half of April, so it’s time to share a few highlights with our readers.

The new report will include a complete download of worldwide quarterly TV shipments for all of the most advanced TV technologies, including OLED TV, QLED TV and 8K. As the market evolves and new technologies emerge, the shipment data will also separate LGD’s White OLED from Samsung’s QD OLED, and will cover additional advanced LCD technologies such as miniLED and dual cell as well as microLED.

The shipment database will allow splits by display technology, geographic region, brand, resolution and size, with a quarterly forecast for the current year plus an annual forecast out to 2025. A preliminary look at our long-term forecast is shown in the chart here.

TV Market by Display Technology, 2018 to 2025

Sources: DSCC’s Quarterly Advanced TV Report

We continue to expect that the standard LCD technology will represent the majority of the TV market (note the vertical axis starts at 200 million), but we expect advanced TV technologies to grow rapidly in the next five years. OLED TV will increase at a 26% CAGR from 2018 to 2025 to more than 13 million units, while the “QLED” products with QDEF technology by Samsung, TCL and others will exceed 20 million by that time. We expect that 8K LCD TV will increase steadily at the top end of the market, starting from an estimated 113K units in 2019 and growing to 5.8M units in 2025, with almost half of those units at 75” or larger sizes. Digitimes recently reported that AUO and Innolux expect to see their 8K TV panel shipments expand robustly, and that is consistent with our forecast of triple-digit % growth for 2020-2022.

As we get closer to launching this report, I will share some analysis of the historical shipment data as well as some more detail on our forecast for 2020 and the longer term. Readers interested in subscribing to DSCC’s Quarterly Advanced TV Shipment Reportshould contact

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