DSCC Partnership with Meko – Announcing the DSCC Weekly Review

Published October 22, 2018

DSCC has agreed to a partnership deal with UK-based display research firm Meko, whereby DSCC will transition its weekly Display Supply Chain Monitor (DSCM) into a new publication, to be called the DSCC Weekly Review. The Weekly Review will form a successor publication to Meko’s Large Display Monitor (LDM) and Mobile Display Monitor (MDM) weekly newsletters, and we expect that the Weekly Review will come to be seen as the premier source of news and analysis in the display industry.While the Display Supply Chain Monitor has been published weekly for a little more than two years (we started soon after DSCC itself was formed in the summer of 2016), Meko’s LDM and MDM go back much further, and have been the primary work of Meko’s founder Bob Raikes. It was Bob’s interest to focus more on his European market research work, and his recognition of DSCC as a capable successor, that germinated the idea for this deal.
Bob Raikes’ experience in the display industry pre-dates even DSCC’s founders. From 1982 he was involved in the sales, marketing and distribution of computer displays, including seven years with Japanese monitor and graphic board maker Eizo, initially as sales director and later for five years as managing director of the company's UK subsidiary. He established Meko Ltd, a specialist market research consultancy in 1994.

As well as being publisher, managing editor of (and a writer for!) Large Display Monitor, Mobile Display Monitor and Display Daily, Bob was for several years the displays editor for The Peddie Report and a regular contributor to Computer Shopper and other titles including the SID Information Display magazine. He has appeared on TV and radio, including BBC World and BBC Radio 4, and he is a regular speaker and keynote speaker at industry and corporate events.

Bob started publishing the Display Monitor in 1994, and since 2014 has offered the separate titles Large Display Monitor and Mobile Display Monitor. Meko has also been managing the Display Daily (DD), a free publication, since 2014, and Bob will continue to manage DD and the daily articles will be included in the DSCC Weekly Review.
What can subscribers expect from the DSCC Weekly Review?

For subscribers of Meko’s MDM and LDM, you can expect some features of the DSCC Weekly Review to look familiar, as DSCC is committed to continuing Meko’s practice of covering all of the important developments in the industry. For subscribers of both the MDM and LDM, you will see all the items in a single newsletter; for subscribers of either the Mobile or the Large Display versions, you will see items covering the other side of the industry. Either way, you can expect that the DSCC Weekly Review will be at least slightly longer than either of its Meko predecessors.

For those Meko subscribers who are not familiar with DSCC, an extensive introduction is available at https://www.displaysupplychain.com/about.html, but here is a short version.
Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC) is a rapidly growing display market research company offering more insight at a lower cost. Founded by four of the leading experts in the display industry, Ross Young, Bob O'Brien, Yoshio Tamura and Sam Matsuno, our analysis is based on a deeply connected insider network and decades of collective experience covering every layer of the display supply chain.

The link also includes more detailed bios of our founders, whose experience includes a cornucopia of display industry names: DisplaySearch, IMS Research, Samsung, Corning, LG.Philips Displays, Philips, IHS, Techno Systems Research, Panasonic, Compaq, and more.
In addition to display industry news, Meko subscribers will see analysis and coverage that up to now has been generated in the Display Supply Chain Monitor. In the DSCM, we have covered a huge range of topics, such as:

  • Excerpts from DSCC's valuable monthly, quarterly and annual reports;
  • Results of DSCC's Panel Supplier Stock Index (PSSI)
  • Display industry company earnings and financial reports
  • Events coverage of major display industry conferences in the US and Asia
  • Major developments in display materials such as OLED emitters, quantum dots, and more.
  • DSCC's insights on the latest display fab activity;
  • The latest display-related news from the US, China, Japan and Korea.
  • Analysis of the evolving US-China trade war and other trade issues
  • DSCC’s tracking and forecasting of LCD TV panel prices
  • Weekly updates of display equipment purchase orders and awards
  • Analysis on emerging display technologies such as QD OLED, MicroLED, etc.

…and much more. .

For DSCC subscribers of the DSCM, you can expect the continuing coverage and analysis as above. In addition, you can expect several new features:

  • Additional analysis and industry insight generated from Display Daily contributors
  • An expanded section of news items that affect the display industry, including applications outside of the traditional flat panel space, such as large-format LEDs and AR/VR devices.
  • You can also expect an expanded list of new product launches in a Product News section.
  • This expanded coverage will be presented in a more professional and polished style, as we are bringing on some of the contributors to Meko’s MDM and LDM.

​The first edition of the DSCC Weekly Review will be published on Monday, November 5th. Subscribers to all the publications, both at Meko and DSCC, will have their annual subscriptions transferred to the new DSCC Weekly Review. When your subscription is up for renewal, you will be contacted by a DSCC salesperson with pricing and discount options available for the new publication.

​We are excited about this transition and confident that you will find the DSCC Weekly Review to be an even more valuable tool for your understanding of the display industry.

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