DSCC Releases MiniLED Backlight Technology, Cost and Shipment Report

Published April 18, 2022

Flat panel shipments with MiniLED technology will increase to more than 40M units by 2026, according to the latest update of DSCC’s Quarterly MiniLED Backlight Technology, Cost and Shipment Report. MiniLED technology is thriving in the display and optoelectronic industries. An increasing number of industry players, both upstream and downstream, are choosing to ride this train. One year ago, Apple launched its iPad Pro with MiniLED technology and the average quarterly shipments reached 1M sets in 2021. Apple also launched a new MacBook Pro (14” & 16”) with MiniLED BLU in the fourth quarter of 2021. By leveraging its M1 CPU, Apple’s MiniLED IT products had outstanding sales results in Q4’21, and the forecast for 2022 also looks very promising.

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Leo Liu