How MiniLEDs Can Remain Cost Competitive

Published March 20, 2023

Since Apple adopted MiniLEDs in the iPad Pro and MacBook Pro’s in 2020, MiniLED has become a rising star in the display and LED industries. Other IT brands have also adopted MiniLEDs in notebook PCs and monitors since then. However, Apple plans to adopt OLEDs to replace MiniLEDs in the iPad Pro next year and in MacBook Pro’s over time. This will have a large impact on the MiniLED market. Increasing MiniLED’s advantages and minimizing their weaknesses has become a big task for the LED industry. This is being achieved through collaboration with companies in optics, backplanes and driver ICs for next generation MiniLED solutions. High cost is still the main obstacle. DSCC sees a number of ways in which the MiniLED industry is approaching cost reduction:

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Written by

Leo Liu