Introducing DSCC’s New Quarterly All Display Fab Utilization Report

Published June 10, 2019

DSCC announces the arrival of our latest report, the Quarterly All Display Fab Utilization Report, available immediately. With many equipment and materials suppliers’ financial results directly related to panel suppliers’ fab utilization, we developed this service to help companies, industry analysts and financial analysts assess the impact of flat panel display suppliers’ fab utilization on company performance and the industry outlook.
For every OLED and LCD fab, we reveal their capacity and glass input by quarter. This information is provided by quarter for history and forecasted forward for the calendar year. The capacity and utilization data are shown through a series of pivot tables covering glass capacity and input in sheets and area.

  • Capacity – sheets and area
  • Input – sheets and area
  • Utilization – sheets and area

The utilization data can be segmented by:

  • Supplier
  • Country
  • TFT Generation
  • Backplane (a-Si, oxide, LTPS)
  • Frontplane (LCD, OLED)
  • Substrate type – rigid vs. flexible vs. foldable
  • Main Application

In addition to the pivot tables, analysis is provided through Powerpoint slides. ​Some examples showing TFT UT% by Country and TFT Glass Input by Country are shown here.

The first chart shows that UT% in all countries declined in Q1 but is recovering in Q2 and expected to hold at lower levels in 2H 2019 compared to 2H 2018. The Q1 decline in Japan was particularly severe because the Sharp Sakai Gen 10 plant was reduced to 40% utilization, and this single fab accounts for nearly half of the display capacity in Japan.

Source: DSCC Quarterly All Display Fab Utilization Report

The second chart gives a clear perspective of the growing dominance of China in the display industry, as TFT input in area terms shows uninterrupted Q/Q growth through 2018 and 2019, and more than 40% growth from Q1 2018 to Q4 2019, with all other regions showing negligible growth or declining.

Source: DSCC Quarterly All Display Fab Utilization Report

Two more charts from the report give some perspective on the technology battle, showing UT% and TFT Input by Application. Looking at UT%, we see that OLED TV has been running above 90% and is expected to continue at such high rates for the balance of 2019, but LCD TV UT% is not far behind in the 80s. Smaller size LCD fabs for IT/Other and Mobile applications run on average at lower UTs, and flexible OLED has a severe seasonal pattern but structurally low utilization.

Source: DSCC Quarterly All Display Fab Utilization Report

This report provides TFT glass input by fab and technology by quarter, with data provided Q/Q and Y/Y in a pivot table and analysis and data provided in a PDF executive summary.

The DSCC All Display Fab Utilization Report is updated quarterly and is priced starting at $4995 per year. For more information about the report, please contact Gerry McGinley at 770-503-6318, e-mail, or contact your regional DSCC office in China, Japan or Korea.

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