LCD Capex Up, OLED Capex Down in Latest DSCC Equipment Spending Report Reflecting Market Conditions

Published May 10, 2021

DSCC’s latest Quarterly Display Capex and Equipment Market Share Report reveals a surge in LCD equipment spending to respond to dramatically improved market conditions in the LCD market. DSCC sees LCD revenues rising 32% in 2021 to $112B on strong unit and area growth with prices and profitability rebounding to or even exceeding the 2017 levels. With LCD suppliers able to sell everything they can make at attractive margins; it should be no surprise that most LCD manufacturers are looking to expand capacity. However, unlike previous upturns when many new fabs were built, in this upturn panel suppliers are looking to stretch their capacity through smaller investments, simplifying their processes, debottlenecking, etc. Having said that, we still see two new G8.6 mega fabs being built. Over the last three months, we have added or expanded 14 different LCD investments. The result versus last quarter is a 10% or a $2.2B increase in 2020-2024 LCD spending from $21.8B to $24B. As shown below, our latest 2021 LCD equipment spending forecast is up 15% versus last quarter’s forecast to $10B, with 2021 LCD equipment spending up 125% versus 2021. In addition, 2022 was upgraded by 28% to $3.5B.

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Ross Young