Summer Sprout Develops Deep Red Phosphorescent OLED Emitters for Automotive Lighting. Potential Competitor to Universal Display

Published August 26, 2020

One of the many important developments to come out of the SID DisplayWeek symposium was a paper by a potential competitor for Universal Display Corporation in the field of phosphorescent OLED emitters. The paper was given in session 83, OLED Displays II, and entitled Optimization of High-Performance Deep-Red OLEDs Using Tandem Structure for Automotive Lighting Application, given by Huiqing Pang of Beijing Summer Sprout Technology Co, Ltd. The paper describes Summer Sprout's development of a red phosphorescent emitter for automotive OLED lighting, and lists six authors with Huiqing Pang as the lead. Dr. Pang is identified as a Vice President of Beijing Summer Sprout Technology Co., Ltd.

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Bob O'Brien