SID / DSCC 2020 Virtual Business Conference at DisplayWeek

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Event Agenda

Conference Introduction
Market Analyst Outlook

This session will feature presentations from leading market analysts focused on displays, smartphones and TVs. It will include forecasts on supply, demand, capex, pricing, 5G penetration, OLED penetration into smartphones and TVs, 8K penetration and more.

IT Display Market and Specialty Applications Response to COVID-19

The display industry has taken a central role in people’s lives during the pandemic, and the time spent on screens of all types has increased dramatically. This session will cover a download of developments in the IT Display Market including key trends impacting the notebook, monitor and tablet markets. The session will also include ways that the display industry has responded to the challenge of COVID-19 with new products and new applications.

TV Market and Technology Outlook

This session will feature presentations on the TV market and display technology. Presenters are expected to cover QD-OLED, WOLED, dual cell LCD, miniLEDs, quantum dots, 8K, retail trends and more.

Emerging Technologies Enabling TV and IT Advances

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This session will cover emerging display technologies expected to impact the TV and/or IT markets. Examples include ink jet printing, soluble OLED materials, electroluminescent QD materials, new phosphors, microLEDs, TADF and more.

Financial Analyst Display Market Outlook and Panel

In this session, leading financial analysts will share their outlook for the display market, covering names in Asia and the US. We expect to hear analysts pick which segment and which companies are best positioned for future growth and outperformance, which are likely to underperform and which companies are being overlooked. Key catalysts and headwinds will also be discussed.

Smartphone Display Market and Technology Outlook

This session will feature presentations from manufacturers and analysts focused on the smartphone market. Analysts will address the progress of Chinese OLED manufacturers and OLED vs. LCD costs. LCD manufacturers will share why their technology remains an important component in the smartphone market and their roadmaps while OLED manufacturers will explain why they are poised to gain share and what new developments are coming.

Foldable Market Outlook - Opportunities and Challenges

This session will address the key challenges display and materials manufacturers face when producing foldable displays. The latest results and forecasts will be provided as well as cross-sections of the latest devices. Potential topics include how ultra-thin glass and colorless polyimide are improving the foldable cover window performance and OCA materials are improving the functionality of their material. Other possible topics include the latest software developments, hinge innovations, reliability assessments and more.

Automotive Display Market and Technology Outlook

This session will feature the latest forecasts for displays in the automotive market as well as presentations on emerging requirements for both LCDs and OLEDs from automotive OEMs, Tier 1 suppliers, and display and materials manufacturers. Other potential topics include touch, new form factors, display quality, HUDs and lighting.

Emerging Technologies Enabling Mobile Advances

This session will feature presentations on new technologies enabling advances in mobile displays. Examples include microLEDs, under panel camera sensors, LTPO, high efficiency blue OLED materials and more.

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