AR/VR Display Forum to Feature Live Presentations and Panel Discussions on the Hottest Topics

La Jolla, CA -

The agenda for the AR/VR Display Forum will include a live panel session on waveguide technology. Moderated by Gasthini Sivayoganathan (Meta Reality Labs), the session will feature panelists from Magic Leap, DigiLens and Dispelix.

Hosted by DSCC and sponsored by Applied Materials, Instrument Systems and Mojo Vision, the AR/VR Display Forum is a virtual event on the emerging display technologies for Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. The full agenda is now available on the event website.

The event will take place live on September 12th-13th and will cover a range of topics, including MicroLED, LCoS, Silicon Backplanes and Optical Materials. As in previous editions, the conferencing platform will allow you to attend from anywhere in the world and to network with other participants. You will also be able to watch recordings of the presentations for 30 days after the event.

There will be live presentations and discussions on the following topics:

Market and Technology Trends: DSCC will give an overview of the market dynamics and the prospects for emerging display technologies in both AR and VR.

Waveguide Technology for AR Glasses: the panel will discuss how to scale up manufacturing and the choice of materials to achieve a wide field of view.

Display Requirements: Goertek is a leading manufacturer of AR/VR headsets and will share some insights on the various types of displays available today. Avegant will introduce its new AG-30L2, the second generation of the industry’s smallest LCoS engines.

MicroLED and Quantum Dots: Mojo Vision will give an update on its high resolution MicroLED platform based on quantum dot color conversion. Nanosys will discuss the development of quantum dots with high absorption and high stability.

Silicon Backplanes for Microdisplays: Viewtrix will discuss the challenges of large Micro OLED displays, while Sapien Semiconductors will present its new backplane for 0.28” MicroLED displays.

Display Testing: Instrument Systems will present how a goniometric display analysis with full angular and spectral resolution complements with spectrally enhanced, fast 2D imaging measurements.

Semiconductor Technologies: GlobalFoundries will give an overview of its activities in AR/VR. Swave Photonics will introduce a novel light engine for computer generated holography. Cambridge Mechatronics will explain how miniature actuators built with Shape Memory Alloy can be used in a varifocal display system to help overcome vergence-accommodation conflict (VAC) in AR/VR headsets.

Novel Optical Materials: EMD Electronic will introduce high performance waveguides and optical components based on polymerizable liquid crystal molecules. Coherent will present high-index crystal materials such as Silicon Carbide and Lithium Niobate. Pixelligent will discuss the use of nanocomposite materials in OLED, MicroLED and waveguide applications.

To register now, go to: www.accelevents.com/e/arvrdisplayforum23?aff=PR

Early Bird pricing will be available until August 31st. A special bundle pricing is also available to register for the annual Global Display Supply Chain Dynamics and Technology Outlook Conference.

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