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DSCC Announces Agenda for the AR/VR Display Forum, Highlights Emerging Trends and Technologies

Austin, TX -

DSCC has announced the agenda and speaker lineup for the 2021 AR/VR Display Forum, the first virtual conference and expo fully dedicated to the emerging display technologies for Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. The event will take place over two days (November 3-4) and will highlight the trends and technologies that are shaping the industry.

DSCC took the initiative to organize this event because the display is a key enabling component for both AR and VR. This Forum will hopefully help foster more collaboration. During the conference, our team will also present insights and the latest findings about the market and supply chain.

The virtual event format, which has become popular during the COVID-19 pandemic, will allow speakers and attendees from across different continents to discuss the key challenges for commercialization and manufacturing. Leading companies in display and semiconductor manufacturing will take part, including Applied Materials, Coherent and STMicroelectronics.

“AR/VR has been a hot topic for the past few years and there have been multiple success examples both in technology and in product,” according to Ken Lin, Director of Product Marketing at Goertek. “This industry is going through an inflexion point and for it to generate new customer interest and really take off, there are component sourcing, design and manufacturing challenges that need to be resolved.” His talk will provide an overview of Goertek's investment and accomplishment in this industry and some of the challenges in this space as well as examples of solutions that Goertek has developed.

Stan Larroque, CEO of Lynx, will discuss how his company achieved full color passthrough AR in a compact standalone headset. Lynx has recently announced that the Lynx R1 will be available for pre-order for $499. Instead of using see-through optics, passthrough AR relies on the display panels to show both the real world and digital content.

Source: Lynx
Source: Lynx

Andrew Sculley, CEO of eMagin, will talk about direct patterned OLED technology (dPd) to manufacture high brightness OLED microdisplays: “For the next generation of AR/VR devices, high brightness, high speed nausea-free, high contrast and often high resolution microdisplays are sought by everyone from Consumer, Military, Medical and Industrial customers.”

Tomas Sluka, CEO & Co-Founder of CREAL, will introduces CREAL’s unique near-to-eye light-field projection system that provides high-resolution 3D imagery with fully natural monocular depth cues without any eye-tracking. The presentation will highlight how “the absence of natural focal depth in digital 3D imagery causes the so-called vergence-accommodation conflict (VAC), focal rivalry, and possibly damage the eye-sight, especially during prolonged viewing of virtual objects within the arm’s reach.”

Dr. Ann Russell, Systems Solutions Engineer at ams OSRAM, will discuss how high-density and compact lasers are emerging as ideal light sources for AR, especially for laser beam scanning (LBS). Battery size is also reduced by efficiently coupling light from the light source into the optics of the AR glasses. This requires a compact source that transmits light to a narrow solid angle underfilling the entrance pupil with high optical power density.

Schott AG and WaveOptics will present the latest innovations in waveguide optics for lightweight AR glasses. WaveOptics, which has been acquired by Snap, has recently launched its new Leopard glasses as a development kit. The glasses incorporate a high brightness MicroLED projector. The display inside the projector is a 0.13” chip made by Jade Bird Display that can reach up to 4M nits (monochrome green).

Source: WaveOptics
Source: WaveOptics
Source: Jade Bird Display
Source: Jade Bird Display

The sessions and speaker lineup are outlined below:

How the Display Industry Is Changing

  • Ross Young, Founder and CEO (DSCC)
  • Robert Visser, Vice President, CTO Office (Applied Materials)

Status of AR/VR Today

  • Dr. Guillaume Chansin, Director of Display Research (DSCC)
  • Ken Lin, Director of Product Marketing (Goertek)
  • Stan Larroque, CEO (Lynx)

Making More Immersive Displays for AR and VR

  • Cameron Zand, Sales Director (Japan Display)
  • Tomas Sluka, CEO & Co-Founder (CREAL)

Advances in Laser Beam Scanning Technologies

  • Dr. Bharath Rajagopalan, Director Strategic Marketing (STMicroelectronics)
  • Dr. Ann Russell, Systems Solutions Engineer (ams OSRAM)

Micro OLED Innovations and Investments

  • Andrew Sculley, CEO (eMagin)
  • Chiwoo Kim, President/CTO (APS Research)
  • Chase Li, Senior Display Analyst (DSCC)

Waveguides for See-Through AR

  • Ruediger Sprengard, Ph.D., VP Strategic Business Field Augmented Reality, Advanced Optics (SCHOTT AG)
  • Arseny Alexeev PhD, Director of Waveguide Development (WaveOptics)

MicroLED Manufacturing

  • François Templier, Research Director & Program Manager, Displays (CEA-Leti)
  • Soeren Steudel, Chief Technology Officer (MICLEDI Microdisplays)
  • Dr. Oliver Haupt, Director Strategic Marketing (Coherent)

MicroLED Commercialization

  • Nag Patibandla, PhD, VP Advanced Deposition Products (Applied Materials)
  • Naamah Argaman, Sr. Director of Display Product Management (Mojo Vision)
  • Leon Baruah, Director Marketing & Sales (Jade Bird Display)

To register, click on the following link:

You can register before October 1st to save $50 from the full price ticket. The event is hosted by DSCC on the Accelevents platform, which provides a modern web-based interface enabling live interactions during the conference. All attendees will also be able to watch recordings of the presentations for 30 days after the event ends.

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