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DSCC Releases Latest Display Equipment Forecast Showing Strong Rebound in 2020 on 30% Growth to $21B – 21 New Equipment Segments Added

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Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC) is pleased to announce the immediate availability of the Q2’19 issue of its Quarterly Display Capex and Equipment Service deliverables. This product provides everything one would want to know about the display equipment market including:

  • Detailed fab schedules through 2025
  • Equipment spending by manufacturer through 2023 by:
    • Fab
    • Phase
    • Frontplane technology
    • Backplane technology
    • Application
    • Substrate size
    • Equipment segment
    • Equipment supplier
    • Bookings basis vs. billings basis
  • Equipment supplier market share through at least 2020 by:
    • Quarter
    • Year
    • Frontplane technology
    • Backplane technology
    • Substrate size
    • 64 individual equipment segments
  • Capacity forecasts through 2023 by:
    • Country
    • Manufacturer
    • Fab
    • Phase
    • Frontplane technology
    • Backplane technology
    • Application
    • Substrate size
  • Equipment supplier financial results and comparisons by:
    • Display equipment revenues
    • Gross margins
    • Operating margins
    • Pre-tax profit margins
    • Net margins
    • Bookings
    • Backlog
    • Liquidity
    • Free cash flow
    • Operating cash flow
    • Design wins
    • Revenue and margin forecasts
    • And more

According to DSCC CEO Ross Young, “The latest report reveals that although equipment spending is expected to drop 23% in 2019 to $16.4B on poor mobile OLED fab utilization, a strong rebound is expected in 2020 on 30% growth to $21.3B, which would be the 2nd highest spending year on record. We see mobile OLED spending coming back in 2020, up 423% to $7.1B, after falling 88% in 2019. We also see TV spending falling only slightly to $13.2B, down just 11% after a record $14.9B in TV spending in 2019. Thus, TV fab spending will lead mobile spending with a 62%-38% advantage, while OLEDs will lead LCDs with a 53% to 47% advantage. China’s share of spending will still be dominant, but will fall to 85%, down from 94% in 2019.”

In the Q2’19 issue, DSCC has expanded the number of display equipment segments covered to 64. According to DSCC CEO Ross Young, “There has been a lack of detailed display equipment coverage outside of backplane tools. DSCC pioneered coverage of frontplane equipment providing detailed market share results by quarter/year and has now expanded its coverage to color filter and module equipment as well. In addition, we have audited fabs going back to 2016 and provided market share and segment data for these 21 new segments back to Q1’16.”

The newly added segments are shown below:


  • CD/Overlay
  • Total Pitch
  • Film Thickness Measurement


  • Glass/Metal Encapsulation
  • CD/Overlay
  • Total Pitch
  • Film Thickness Measurement

Color Filter

  • CF Litho
  • CF Coater
  • CF Develop
  • CF Sputtering
  • CF Repair
  • CF CD/Overlay
  • CF Total Pitch


  • Laser Cell Cutting
  • Laser Shape Cutting
  • Visual Inspection
  • Automated Module Test
  • Automated Final Test
  • Automated Cell Aging Test
  • Multi Time Program Test

DSCC’s Quarterly Display Capex and Equipment Service has the most comprehensive coverage of the display equipment market in the industry. It includes a highly sortable pivot table that allows users to sort fab spending by panel supplier, equipment supplier, country, application, frontplane, backplane, any of 64 different segments, by quarter, by year, out to 2023. It reveals design wins for every fab with equipment supplier market share revealed by segment for 64 segments. It also includes detailed comparisons of financial results for all publicly traded equipment and panel suppliers as well as a PO and Award database covering all POs filed in Korea and all Awards filed in China. For more information on this report, please contact

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