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SID Awards Display Week 2017 Business Track to Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC)

Campbell, CA and Austin, TX -

The Society for Information Display (SID) has awarded the management of its highly popular series of business conferences during the 2017 Display Week to Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC).

Display Week 2017 will take place from May 21-26 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. The 2017 Display Week Business Track will consist of:

Business Conference, May 22nd 2017

For over 10 years, the SID Business Conference has consistently drawn large crowds and influential speakers who have provided valuable insights on the health and outlook of the display supply chain. Produced by DSCC, the 2017 event will provide the latest results and forecasts for each layer of the display supply chain and where growth, profits and the highest returns are likely. Senior executives from each layer of the display supply chain are expected to participate, with particular emphasis on the impact of the shift in production to China and the emergence of flexible displays and other emerging technologies on the display supply chain. Special attention will be paid to supply/demand in the TV, mobile phone and IT markets as well as the outlook for display equipment and materials.

Automotive Display Conference, May 23rd 2017

New for 2017, this event, produced by DSCC, will explore business and market issues in one of the most exciting market segments in the display industry. Using the theme of "Safety, Utility, Ubiquity", the conference will cover the market opportunity, from both a qualitative (what products) and quantitative (how many) standpoint, and will discuss in detail the three main elements of the automotive display market - flat panel displays for multiple locations in the vehicle, touch panels and interactivity, and heads-up displays and augmented reality. The conference will cover both the challenges associated with automotive applications as well as the opportunities presented by the integration of displays into the automobile, both in today's vehicle landscape and in the autonomous vehicles of the future.

Investors Conference, May 23rd 2017

The 13th Annual SID Display Investor’s Conference will include presentations and hands-on demonstrations from many of the most promising private companies in the display industry. In addition, key executives will keynote on critical topics. Numerous companies have benefited from the awareness generated at this event to set the stage for going public or acquiring additional private financing.

AR/VR/Wearables Conference, May 24th 2017

The AR/VR/Wearables event will address three of the hottest areas in the display and consumer electronics markets in one event. Produced by DSCC, the OLED Association and Veritas et Visus, it will examine the business and technical issues associated with these categories. In addition, a VR/AR device shootout is planned. Questions that will be addressed by presenting executives include:

  • Who will win the headset battle - direct view or microdisplays?
  • What is the market outlook for these different markets?
  • Can wearables regain momentum?
  • What are the display requirements in these markets?
  • And much more

According to John Jacobs, Vice Chairman of the SID Business Track, “We selected DSCC for this contract due to their long history in the display industry, the compelling agenda submitted, deep insight into these topics, breadth of contacts throughout the display supply chain and long history in putting on successful events all over the world. We believe our attendees will get great value at the 2017 SID Business Track and are looking forward to the successful execution of these events.”

According to Ross Young, Founder and CEO of DSCC, “We are delighted to be managing the execution of the 2017 Business Track. We have been involved with these events since they started over 10 years ago as presenters and conference planners. We are thrilled to be putting on the 2017 events at a time when the display industry is rebounding financially and showing great promise as new form factors and technologies emerge which may breathe new life into stagnant markets.”

If interested in speaking or sponsoring in any of these sessions, please contact

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