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SID/DSCC/OLED Association/ Veritas et Visus Announce Display Week Immersive Experience Conference

Austin, TX -

The Society for Information Display (SID), Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC), OLED Association, and Veritas et Visus are proud to announce the completed agenda for the 2018 Display Week Immersive Experience Market Focus Conference, designed to give delegates a glimpse at some of the amazing developments that are dynamically involving users within the visual experience, not just as observers of a static screen. While the market is booming – to fill many broadly different needs – there are still many challenges. The conference, to be held Wednesday, May 23, at the Los Angeles Convention Center from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., is split into five somewhat overlapping sessions:

  • Market Roundtable
  • Google and Glasses
  • Direct View Displays
  • Virtual Displays
  • Next-Generation Magic

Companies presenting include:

  • Google VR
  • Mission Rock Digital
  • OLED Association
  • Zspace
  • Starbreeze Studios
  • Meta
  • Nokia Technologies
  • Christie 360 Experiential Studios
  • Mechdyne
  • Veritas et Visus
  • Avegant
  • Lightfield Lab
  • LEIA
  • Misapplied Sciences
  • Cambridge University
  • IBM
  • SCHOTT Advanced Optics
  • Dell
  • Futurism Entertainment

According to Veritas et Visus Publisher and Editor in Chief Mark Fihn, “We are so excited to bring some discussions about truly creative technologies that will expand the visual experience into a truly immersive experience. Going far beyond gaming and entertainment, next generation VR is going to transform not only the world of displays, but the world as a whole.”

According to OLED Association CEO and President Barry Young, “The Immersive Experience Market Focus Conference is to examine the current and future prospects and technologies that guide this new industry into expanding beyond Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. Immersion is a new concept in which the common theme is how it alters the way we interact with absolutely everything. Facebook is 2D (even the 360 videos are viewed on 2D). Texting is 2D. FaceTime is 2D. VR/AR proponents want to convert to a 3D space.”

SID Chairman of Marketing Sri Peruvemba, remarked, “As display technologies continue to improve, we are experiencing a world that increasingly blurs the difference between reality and imagination. The Immersive Experience Market Focus Conference will bring some clarity to the remarkable developments underway.”

The descriptions for each Display Week Immersive Experience Market Focus Conference sessions are as follows:

  • Market Status: An examination of the size and scope of each major category, including how the revenue breaks down in terms of displays, software, and other hardware.
  • Goggles and Glasses: This session will explore the delivery mechanisms available to Immersion from goggles similar to what is on the existing market such as the Vive and PlayStation VR and the Rift, followed by the use of glasses which have been pioneered by Google and are now being adopted by Facebook, Magic Leap, Meta and DAQRI, to name a few.
  • Direct View Displays: The future of immersive display technologies is not all about near-to-eye solutions. So much is being developed to engage people with immersive experiences related to diverse approaches, such as projection mapping, CAVEs, and not to be forgotten – advanced stereoscopic and autostereoscopic 3D advancements.
  • Virtual Displays: Immersion requires a new set of requirements that is a superset of today’s resolution, response time, CR, luminance, etc. These new demands include wider FOV, solution to the merging/accommodation conflict, shadow and light sources to simultaneously display virtual and real images. New display structures are being proposed that include Light Engines and Holography, singularly and in combination.
  • Next-Generation Magic: The final session will explore how immersive experiences will be presented. Entertainment companies already have existing programs to reach the public through new types of theatres and new types of content. A number of start-ups are trying to bring new experiences to the general public and to use the technology to change the way we educate people.

The conference will examine these segments of the market and the basics of how the display industry will need to change to cope with the demands of immersion. To find out more visit:

To register, please visit

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