The IT Display Market Outlook to be Discussed at DSCC’s Global Display Supply Chain and Technology Outlook Conference

La Jolla, CA -

DSCC’s fourth annual Global Display Supply Chain and Technology Outlook Conference will be held virtually on November 1st, 2023, and its experts from around the world will provide attendees with the latest display market results, forecasts and key display market and technology trends while also discussing key issues facing the display supply chain. David Naranjo, Sr. Director will present “The IT Display Market Outlook”.

According to David Naranjo, “In 2023, IT displays (monitors, notebook PCs and tablets) are expected to represent 18% of panel shipments and 25% of panel revenues for the total flat panel display industry. Within the IT display category, Advanced IT displays (OLEDs and MiniLED LCDs), are expected to represent 5% of panel shipments and 16% of panel revenues. Advanced IT displays are expected to continue to take share in the coming years as a result of excess rigid OLED capacity, improved costs and increased capital expenditures. These trends make it critical for flat panel suppliers, material and component suppliers, OEM’s and all participants in the flat panel display supply chain to attend this session. This presentation will highlight and review the recent history of the IT Display market and provide DSCC’s outlook for the future.”

In 2022 and in the first half of 2023, the growth of displays for notebook PCs, monitors and tablets for the commercial and consumer segments slowed after double-digit Y/Y growth in 2021 during the pandemic. The market remains soft and Apple is not expected to refresh any IT products for the last quarter of this year. Will the second half of 2023 and the first half of 2024 see a recovery as a result of improved brand and channel inventories, back-to-school and holidays seasonality and new M3 powered MacBook PCs from Apple?

This presentation will include DSCC's latest results and outlook for the IT display and advanced IT display segment, highlighting the competitive landscape for advanced IT displays (OLEDs and MiniLED LCDs) and the key drivers that are expected to enable them to coexist and fuel continued growth. These key drivers include the expectation that Apple will enter the OLED tablet category in 2024, panel cost and price reductions, new G8.7 fab investments, new technologies, current/future brand positioning and improved display performance.

The presentation will include valuable insights from DSCC’s portfolio of reports, including the Quarterly Advanced IT Display Shipment and Technology Report, Quarterly Flat Panel Display Forecast Report. Bi-Annual IT Panel Cost Report, and others.

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