Watch a Free Session of DSCC’s AR/VR Display Forum

La Jolla, CA -

DSCC hosted the third edition of its AR/VR Display Forum on September 12th-13th. Sponsored by Applied Materials, Instrument Systems and Mojo Vision, this virtual event covered various topics, including waveguides, MicroLED, LCoS, silicon backplanes and display testing. Recordings of the session can now be watched on demand by registering on the event website. Presentation slides can also be downloaded in PDF format.

DSCC has posted a FREE panel session from the event discussing the progress of waveguide technology. Magic Leap’s Scott Carden, DigiLens’ Alastair Grant and Dispelix Jussi Rahomaki discuss waveguide technology progress in a special panel session moderated by Meta Reality Labs’ Gasthini Sivayoganathan. This session is available to watch FREE of charge until October 10th. Use the link above to register if you wish to listen to the discussion.

Some of the highlights of the event included:

  • Ludovic Godet, Head of the Engineered Optics Team at Applied Materials, introduced Applied’s photonics platform for manufacturing waveguides and flat optics for near infrared wavelengths. In the case of waveguides, the gratings are etched directly on high refractive index glass substrates. The equipment supports up to 300 mm wafers, which is the maximum size currently available for glass substrates. Applied Materials have demonstrated single-sheet waveguides that significantly reduce rainbow artifacts compared to multi-sheet waveguides.
  • Dr. Sascha Reinhardt, Product Manager at Instrument Systems, described the capabilities of two pieces of equipment for display testing: the DMS Goniophotometer and the LumiTop camera. The current LumiTop system has 12MP but an upgraded system with 24MP is on the way. He showed test results of Micro OLED displays from different suppliers.
  • Dr. Nikhil Balram, CEO of Mojo Vision, explained how small MicroLED emitters below 2μm can be used in a variety of applications, including AR/VR. The company has developed its own quantum dot formulations and deposition technology to color convert blue GaN emitters to green and red.
  • Dr. Guillaume Chansin, Director of Display Research at DSCC, presented market forecasts for AR/VR displays. He explained why there is increasing interest in OLED on Silicon, AKA “Micro OLED”. However, LCD is still expected to dominate in the short term.

All the sessions listed below are now available:

Market and Technology Trends

  • Dr. Guillaume Chansin, Director of Display Research, DSCC
  • Ludovic Godet, Head of Engineered Optics Team, Applied Materials

Panel Session: Waveguide Technology for AR Glasses

  • Gasthini Sivayoganathan, Waveguide Operations Program Management, Meta Reality Labs
  • Scott Carden, VP Eyepiece Engineering, Magic Leap
  • Alastair Grant, SVP Optical Engineering, DigiLens Inc.
  • Jussi Rahomaki, Chief Product Officer, Dispelix USA Inc.

Display Requirements for AR and VR

  • Fenfei Liu, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Goertek
  • Edward Tang, Founder and CEO, Avegant

Silicon Backplanes for Microdisplays

  • Justin Liu, Director of Strategic Planning and Operation, Viewtrix Technology

MicroLED with Quantum Dots

  • Dr. Nikhil Balram, CEO, Mojo Vision
  • Dr. Ilan Jen-La Plante, Senior Staff Scientist, Nanosys

MicroLED Driving and Challenges

  • Dr. Myunghee Lee, Founder and CEO, Sapien Semiconductor Inc.
  • Soeren Steudel, Chief Technology Officer, MICLEDI Microdisplays

Display Testing

  • Dr. Sascha Reinhardt, Product Manager, Instrument Systems

Leveraging Semiconductor Manufacturing

  • Dr. Ran Ruby Yan, Director Human-Machine-Interface HMI, GlobalFoundries
  • Theo Marescaux, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer, Swave Photonics
  • Josh Carr, Senior Business Development Manager, Cambridge Mechatronics

Novel Optical Materials

  • Richard Harding, Head of AR/VR Business Development, EMD
  • Gerald Dahlmann, Senior Director Marketing – Consumer Electronics, Coherent
  • Dr. Peter Guschl, Director of Applications Engineering, Pixelligent

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