Annual Outlook for Key Display Materials

Report Summary

The production of flat panel displays requires many different materials. In this report, we examine the market and trends for various gases, metal targets, liquid crystal, photoresist and PI alignment. This report reviews vital materials used in display production and provides estimates of consumption and revenues for each category of materials. The report also profiles major suppliers for each material and a forecast for material consumption and revenue. As the display industry becomes dominated by production in China, local suppliers are emerging to provide a domestic material supply chain and the report includes profiles of China's domestic material suppliers.

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Table of Contents

Executive Summary p. 4

Display Gasses p. 10

  • Gas in Display Production
  • EBG in General
  • EBG: N2
  • EBG: Ar
  • EBG: He
  • EBG: H2
  • EBG: CO2
  • EBG: C2
  • ESG in General
  • ESG in CVD
  • ESG in CVD: SiH4
  • ESG in CVD: NH3 and N20
  • ESG in CVD Cleaning
  • Dry Etching in Display Production
  • Other ESGs: ESG in ELA and LLO

Market Analysis p. 46

  • Global EBG Market
  • Global ESG Analyst
  • A Closer Look at China
  • EBG in China
  • CVD ESG in China
  • DET ESG in China
  • Cleaning ESG in China
  • Influence Factors

Key Suppliers of Display Gas in China p. 69

  • Vital Chinese Companies: G-Gas
  • Vital Chinese Companies: Huate
  • Vital Chinese Companies: Jinhong

Targets p. 74

  • Targets Used in Photoelectronic Devices
  • Basics of Targets in FPD
  • More About Al and Cu
  • How to Make Targets

Market Analysis p. 86

  • Metrology
  • Global Market in General
  • Metal Target in China
  • Materials in China: Cu
  • Materials in China: Al
  • Materials in China: Mo
  • Materials in China: IGZO and ITO
  • Materials in China: Others
  • Influence Factors

Key Suppliers of Targets in China p. 105

  • Companies in Short
  • Chinese Vendor: Acetron
  • Chinese Vendor: KFMIC
  • Chinese Vendor: Longhua
  • Chinese Vendor: Vital
  • Chinese Vendor: Yingri and HNGNM
  • Chinese Vendor: At Target
  • Chinese Vendor: UTVM and Gemei
  • International Players in China
  • TCMC
  • Ulvac Suzhou
  • Kobleco Suzhou and Plansee Shanghai

Photoresist p. 126

  • PR in General

Market Analysis p. 134

  • PR Consumption in General
  • A Closer Look at China
  • OC, PS, and PNL in China
  • Influence Factors

Key Suppliers of Photoresist in China p. 146

  • Merck in China
  • RaChem
  • Caihong Advanced Material
  • Yoke Chem and Cotem
  • PhiChem
  • DongJin
  • EMT
  • Brivan
  • JSR in China
  • Sineva
  • Yonta
  • Guangxin

Liquid Crystal and PI Alignment p. 159

  • Introduction of Liquid Crystal
  • Liquid Material in LCD Display

Market of Liquid Crystal p. 163

  • Global Market in General
  • A Closer Look at China
  • Influence Factors

Key Suppliers of Liquid Crystal in China p. 172

  • Merck in China
  • JNC in China
  • DIC in China
  • PhiChem
  • SliChem
  • Bayi Space
  • Halation

Introduction of PI Alignment Material p. 185

  • PI Alignment Material

PI Alignment Material Market p. 190

  • Global Market in General
  • A Closer Look at China
  • Influence Factors

Key Suppliers of PI Alignment Material in China p. 199

  • Dalton Electronics
  • Rolic in China


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