Dr. Arseny Alexeev

Director of Waveguide Development | WaveOptics
Arseny Alexeev PhD

Arseny has been working in the nano-photonic field since the start of his PhD in 2010. After completing PhD, he spent several years researching metamaterials and related technologies in academia. Arseny joined WaveOptics in 2018 and is leading development of diffractive waveguides from design concepts into demo and pilot line devices.


WaveOptics – From First Demo Device to Snap’s Spectacles

WaveOptics is a world leading designer and manufacturer of revolutionary Augmented Reality (AR) lenses and light engines (LE) – two key optical components of any AR headset. Our journey started in 2014 when the company was established with the ambition to create superior AR glasses for the mass market. In 2021 WaveOptics was acquired by Snap Ink. simultaneously with the release of Snap’s AR glasses named “New Spectacles”.

In this talk I will present WaveOptic’s path from the first Demo Devices to the most advanced diffractive waveguides used in our current products. I will discuss customisation of the waveguides characteristics and trad-offs between main performance parameters such as Field-of-View, Eye-Box, Efficiency. Finally, I will talk about waveguides manufacturing and its challenges.