Chuck Milligan SID19 Investor


FlexEnable has developed a new glass-free display technology known as Organic Liquid Crystal Display (OLCD). OLCD’s attributes of low cost, area-scalable and high brightness with long lifetime, provide for the first time a flexible display solution for applications beyond flagship smartphones and smart watches, representing an $80Bn addressable market that is currently served only by glass displays. As well as being conformable, ultra-thin, ultra-light and shatterproof, OLCDs can also enable uniquely shaped displays and can contain apertures, expanding the market in existing applications by allowing larger display surface area per product, as well as opening up many new applications and designs.

Thin, light and conformable OLCDs are now ready for prime time with clear demand for OLCD across multiple markets. Chuck Milligan will discuss the industrialization of OLCD technology, why it is set to disrupt the displays industry and the range of mass market applications it uniquely enables.