David Lewis

Chief Executive Officer | InZiv
David Lewis

Commercializing microLED technology with High-throughput EL Inspection for microLED Wafers

microLED technology is a key enabler to the most exciting display applications, e.g. AR and VR, and the display industry continues to invest heavily in microLED development and production. One of the major obstacles preventing mass commercialization of microLED technology is the low yield in microLED manufacturing. In microLED inspection, the clearest indication of microLED functionality is electroluminescence (EL). Currently, EL tools are only able to reach a small percentage of devices on a microLED wafer, leaving the industry with no viable inspection solution for mass-scale microLED manufacturing.

InZiv is proud to announce the newest addition to its product line: the R-EL. An industrial-level microLED inspection system, the R-EL provides unprecedented speed for wafer level EL testing of microLEDs. Fully compatible with both vertical and flip-chip designs, InZiv’s unique technology offers repeatable, high- accuracy measurements, with no damage to the device. The R-EL offers the most critical and reliable microLED inspection, enabling the advancement of all microLED applications.

In this presentation, InZiv CEO David Lewis will explain the challenges in yield that the industry currently faces, and how InZiv’s fast Electroluminescent (EL) inspection is a critical enabling technology for the mass-production of microLED displays.


David Lewis is Founder and CEO of InZiv LTD. He served previously as VP Sales & Marketing at Nanonics Imaging, a leading nano-optical company, where he led the global sales team. With over a decade of experience in managing complex high-tech sales, David is an expert in nano-technology & nano-optical tools. He holds multiple patents and has published multiple peer-reviewed papers in the field of nano-optics and nano-technology.