David Lewis

Chief Executive Officer | InZiv
David Lewis

Enhancing Manufacturing with New Horizons in Inspection

From rollable displays to wearable devices, the display market continues to rapidly evolve. The newest OLED, MicroLED, and QLED displays are comprised of pixel features that are smaller than ever before – in some cases, on the scale of single microns. This new reality in display technology is generating demand for a new set of tools to enable these exciting advances. InZiv is developing new micro and nano-optical tools for the evolving display industry, addressing challenges facing various strata of the manufacturing process. InZiv’s technology offers the highest resolution in optical and spectral characterization, a potentially game-changing method of display inspection. CEO David Lewis will outline some of the challenges emerging in the industry and will present an overview of InZiv’s nano-optical technologies, which offer correlated structural, optical and spectral data – all on the nanoscale.


David Lewis is Founder and CEO of InZiv LTD. He served previously as VP Sales & Marketing at Nanonics Imaging, a leading nano-optical company, where he led the global sales team. With over a decade of experience in managing complex high-tech sales, David is an expert in nano-technology & nano-optical tools. He holds multiple patents and has published multiple peer-reviewed papers in the field of nano-optics and nano-technology.