David Wyatt SID19 Investor


Displays are everywhere, and everything is becoming more interactive and colorful, but science has proven Displays can ruin sleep; shown that the high-energy blue wavelengths from LED's, LCD, OLED and QuantumDots, can accelerate macular degeneration (blindness); and now with AR and MicroLED, are moving even closer to our eyes.

At DisplayWeek2019, PixelDisplay is introducing:

​1. NoBlue™ and VividColor EyeSafe™, hardware solutions to deliver both: HDR color, and a safer/more-colorful nighttime experience. Without tinted-films, amber-glasses, or decolorating night-shift software.

2. NanoBright, a more robust patternable nanoparticle, to (safely) color-convert MicroLED, reduce pick-place costs, and open broader possibilities in photo/electro-emissive nano-patterned applications.