Dr. Choong Hoon YI

President | UBI Research
Dr. Choong Hoon YI

OLED market direction in the post COVID-19 era

Even in the situation of COVID-19 that has shaken human life and industry, the OLED industry continues to grow through the effects of COVID-19. Although the smartphone market is expected to decrease by 20% in 2020 by COVID-19, the OLED smartphone market is expected to form a market similar to last year due to the increase in OLED usage by Apple and Chinese smartphone makers. The number of companies that sell OLED TVs has now expanded to 19, making OLED TV a clear place in the premium TV market.

At the SID/DSCC Business Conference, the OLED market under the ongoing COVID-19 and how the OLED market will grow in the post COVID-19 era will be announced.


Dr. Choong Hoon YI is President and founder of UBI Research, a company is spin out from Modistech in 2007.

Dr. Yi received his Eng. Dr degree from Tokyo University.

Dr. Yi worked as a researcher at KIST and Samsung SDI, and founded Modistech as president.