Dr. Goksen Yaralioglu SID19 Auto


AR HUD for Next Generation Cars

Head up displays in automobiles today create a virtual image at the front of the car at a fixed depth using a microdisplay and magnifier optics. We developed a spatial light modulator based holographic 3D HUD technology that uses eye-tracking to calculate an optimized computer generated hologram (CGH) that avoids the accommodation-vergence issues present in typical stereoscopic displays while providing an image that mimics human vision – i.e. distance objects are out of focus when viewing closer objects. Holographic HUD provides true augmented reality experience when integrated with cameras and other sensors in the next generation cars. Holographic HUD is software upgradable and provides a number of inherent optical advantages such as dynamic aberration correction, software based adaptation for different car models, high light efficiency, and true 3D AR capabilities by providing correct parallax cues.