Gerald Dahlmann

Senior Director Marketing – Consumer Electronics | Coherent
Gerald Dahlmann

High Refractive Index Crystal Materials for AR Waveguides

High-index crystal materials present a transformative opportunity for advancing Augmented Reality (AR) waveguides, offering enhanced compactness, reduced weight, increased comfort, and heightened immersion. By enabling a broader range of beam angles and an expanded field-of-view through high refractive index materials, optical combiners achieve superior performance with three colors in a single waveguide layer and improved light confinement for heightened efficiency. Coherent’s unique material platforms, such as Silicon Carbide (n=2.7) and Lithium Niobate (n=2.3), provide high refractive indexes and exceptional transparency in the visible spectrum, revolutionizing optical combiner technology with more immersive, lighter, and compact designs. Additionally, our vertical integration, spanning crystal growth to substrate fabrication, ensures control over the entire manufacturing process.


Gerald Dahlmann is the Senior Director of Marketing at Coherent, with over 20 years of experience in the semiconductor industry. He has held various roles in product management, sales, and marketing, specializing in sensors, optics, opto-electronics, and MEMS technology. Gerald holds a PhD from Imperial College London and a degree in Electrical Engineering from TU Darmstadt and Ecole Centrale Lyon.