Dr. Jack Ju

Head of Product Group UTG-Cover | SCHOTT AG
Dr. Jack Ju

Ultra thin glass in foldable display

New trends and designs of foldable smartphones – so-called “foldables” or “flip phones” – rather demand cover glasses that are flexible, and offer a very small bending radius. SCHOTT is presenting a groundbreaking product in this area. Xensation® Flex is the first ultra-thin cover glass on the market that enables a bending radius of less than two millimeters after processing and chemical strengthening. SCHOTT has started producing several different types of ultra-thin glasses 1990s by down-draw process. The process offers an advantage in that the glass does not need secondary slimming and thus eliminating downstream etching processes that are harmful to the environment. Xensation® Flex shines with the unmatched tight dimension precision from macro to micro scales and a flawless surface, in addition to the outstanding ease for processing and strengthening characteristics.


Currently working as the Head of Product Group, Ultra-Thin-Glass Cover (UTG-Cover) at SCHOTT AG and is responsible for the general management of the PG’s global business. SCHOTT UTG-Cover provides glass solutions for display protection, as well as sensor packaging in consumer electronics and industrial applications.

From 2011:

Joined SCHOTT AG since 2011 and took different roles in business development and product management with Asia and global responsibilities.

2004 - 2010:

Before joining SCHOTT AG, worked with DuPont China in different technical and sales & marketing roles.

2003, Ph.D., Ohio University, USA