Kris Czaplicki

COO | Noctiluca
Kris Czaplicki

Next innovation frontier - printed OLEDs

TADF and HF materials promise lower cost, longer life and better overall performance compared to traditional materials used in OLED emitters. As the OLED industry grows beyond mobile phones and TV, into other applications like tablets, laptops, and auto, the industry demands better performance and better unit economics; this talk will narrate the progress made in developing new emitter materials that are being used by display and lighting manufacturers and a promise of Noctiluca to bring whole pallet of ink-jet printing emitter colours to the market.


COO of Noctiluca, investor, experienced entrepreneur and manager of new technology ventures. He has a broad international experience gained while working for the World Bank Group. Expert in the assessment and valuation of intangible assets. He specializes in strategic management, incl. in formulating and implementing a company's development strategy, building value, planning and improving processes, and designing and implementing new business models.