Kris Czaplicki

COO | Noctiluca
Kris Czaplicki

TADF materials to transform the OLEO industry

OLED is the fastest growing display technology, now the display of choice in mobile devices, wearables and high end TV. The current generation of phosphorescence (PHOLED) materials used in the industry has its drawbacks - high cost, shorter life, power hungry and use heavy metals. The speakers will reveal the development of 'Configurable Emitters' using Thermally Activated Delayed Fluorescent (TADF) and 4th generation (HF) materials that overcomes these limitations to enable tomorrow's OLED displays and lighting.


COO of Noctiluca, investor, experienced entrepreneur and manager of new technology ventures. He has a broad international experience gained while working for the World Bank Group. Expert in the assessment and valuation of intangible assets. He specializes in strategic management, incl. in formulating and implementing a company's development strategy, building value, planning and improving processes, and designing and implementing new business models.