Leo Liu

Director of Taiwan Operations | DSCC
Leo Liu Global23

It has been more than two years since Apple released the iPad Pro with a MiniLED backlight. Apple has successfully started the MiniLED trend. MiniLED has been introduced into various applications such as IT, TV, AR/VR and Automotive. However, high cost, lack of standardization and an inefficient supply-chain limit the penetration rate of MiniLED. At the same time, MiniLED is facing strong competition from another emerging display technology - OLED. How to break through the current obstacles has become an urgent issue. This presentation will provide a comprehensive analysis and future development of MiniLED.


Leo Liu joined DSCC as Director of Taiwan Operations in 2021. Leo has more than 20 years experience in the optoelectronics industry including 10 years in backlighting and 10 years in LEDs. Leo is a well-known expert in backlighting, LEDs, miniLEDs and microLEDs. In backlighting, he made meaningful contributions to Global Lighting and Sinbon while in LEDs he played important roles at Arima Opto, Topco, Lumileds, Soraa and Lumini. He also spent time in market research and consulting at DisplaySearch where he focused on backlighting and LEDs and as an independent consultant to other firms.

Leo holds a M.S. degree, Power Mechanical Engineering, June, 1994 from Tsing Hua University, Taiwan, ROC. He can be reached at leo@displaysupplychain.com.