Leon Baruah

Director Marketing & Sales | Jade Bird Display (JBD)
Leon Baruah

Leon Baruah is the Director of Marketing & Sales at Jade Bird Display and leads the global sales & marketing functions in the company. Prior to JBD, he has worked for a number of semiconductor companies (with Fabs) making microLED displays, LEDs, VCSELs, sensors and AC direct drivers for LEDs. He has over 15 years on experience in engineering & design, Field application engineering and Sales & marketing. Leon holds a Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of Manchester (formerly UMIST).


MicroLED Displays & See-through Optics - A Key design criteria for Smart glasses & HUD applications

MicroLED displays are becoming the display of choice in AR related applications. The microdisplay and see through optics are critical components in any AR HMD system and it is crucial that developers take the compatibility of these components into consideration in the early stages of their design.
Having established a leading position in technology as well as commercialisation of MicroLED microdisplays for AR, in this presentation we will talk about how microLED displays work with various see-through optics and conclude the presentation by talking about a few collaborations as examples.