Dr. Peter Guschl

Director of Applications Engineering | Pixelligent
Dr. Peter Guschl

High-Index Nanocomposite Materials for OLED Display and MicroLED Display and Waveguide Applications

The interest in AR/VR/MR devices has never been higher. As new products get launched, new display technologies with brighter OLED and MicroLEDs, and light engines, are being designed, and, consequentially, the waveguides come under a lot of scrutiny. Pixelligent has been developing its high refractive index nanocrystal materials in collaboration with the leading light guide manufacturers as well as OEMs to provide the widest field of view (FOV) in the industry. In addition, Pixelligent’s newly formulated materials also increase the efficiency of the underlying displays, leading to higher brightness and light output. The speaker will give an overview of the market from Pixelligent’s unique viewpoint and provide insight into the new materials that are being launched and implemented worldwide.


Dr. Guschl is the Director of Applications Engineering at Pixelligent. After receiving his PhD from Iowa State University in Chemical Engineering, Peter has had a 20-year long career working as a polymer chemist, applications engineer/scientist, senior research scientist and senior applications engineering manager for various companies. While working for Pixelligent Technologies Peter has developed his current areas of expertise to be the design and applications of acrylate-functional nanocomposite formulations, optical film testing and analysis, reliability testing of optical materials under thermal and environmental conditions, silicone encapsulants for LED packages, and many others.