Richard Harding

Head of AR/VR Business Development | EMD
Richard Harding

The use case of VR and AR is compelling. Some examples are here today, such as VR headsets for gaming and AR smart glasses. However, we believe mass adoption will come when the devices offer more of the capability of a headset with the form-factor of the smart glasses.

To realize this there are multiple technical improvements required in materials to enable the needed performance of key components. We will talk about these technology improvements, highlighting the current offerings in the market pace as well as key development areas.

We will discuss the different light engines, displays and waveguides used today and show how improvements to key material properties can enable more efficient headsets. This in turn can reduce the weight and size of the headset which is a key step towards enabling a high functioning headset with a sun-glasses-like format.


Richard Harding is currently leading the AR/VR activities for EMD Electronics. Previous roles include: Head of R&D portfolio processes; Global Head of R&D for Early Research; Global Head of Business Development – Photovoltaics; Regional Manager – Reactive Mesogens (Asia).