Ross Young

Co-Founder and CEO | DSCC
Ross, Global22

Foldable/Rollable Display Market and Technology Update

This talk will examine the latest results and outlook for the foldable and rollable smartphone and notebook markets. In addition to the latest shipment results, near term supply chain forecasts and long term forecasts, it will also examine what new products are coming in the remainder of 2022 and in 2023. It will also examine the latest technology trends cover foldable display film stacks, improvements in brightness/power, expectations and challenges for rollable/slidable displays, the latest developments in ultra thin glass and the latest trends in regards to hinge design.

Display Capex and Manufacturing Technology Outlook

This talk will highlight the latest results and forecasts for display equipment spending and capex. It will also cover fab schedule changes since our latest forecast and how these changes will impact our next forecast. I will also cover the latest equipment supplier financial results and health. In addition, I will examine the latest OLED smartphone and IT manufacturing technology roadmaps and how the emerging G8.7 IGZO backplane and tandem OLED frontplane fabs for OLED IT markets will impact future spending and which equipment suppliers are likely to benefit. I will also compare the equipment costs for current and future fabs.


Ross Young is the co-founder and CEO of DSCC. Previously, he started, ran and sold DisplaySearch which he started with less than $500 in capital and grew to over $10M in revenues. He has also worked throughout the display supply chain including at a TV brand, panel supplier, multiple equipment suppliers and a materials supplier.

Shortly after completing graduate school at UCSD and Japan’s Tohoku University in International Management, Young published a book on the semiconductor industry called Silicon Sumo: US-Japan Competition and Industrial Policy in the Semiconductor Equipment Industry published by the University of Texas.

Young also completed 12 IRONMAN triathlons including the World Championships in Kona in 2016.

You can also find him on Twitter at @DSCCRoss where he shares the future of the display industry with over 25K followers.