Simon Jones

CEO | Helio
Simon Jones

Manufacturing Aspects of In-Pixel Colour Conversion

Colour conversion at the pixel level is rapidly emerging as a significant trend in displays and in particular for µLED and QD-OLED architectures. This poses fundamental questions and challenges with respect to optimising deposition and patterning methods in volume production. This talk will review manufacturing aspects of in-pixel colour conversion including materials requirements as well as equipment and process options. In particular, the talk will review the relative advantages and costs of inkjet printing and photolithographic patterning. It will also cover the importance of achieving thin layers in colour conversion architectures.


Simon has been at the forefront of display innovation since he started at Plastic Logic in 2003 as VP Business Development. He led early commercial development before taking responsibility for the company’s launch product as VP Product Development, delivering prototypes in a breakthrough form-factor in less than six months. He then joined Liquavista as VP of Marketing and Sales, where he secured the first production order - Liquavista was later acquired by Amazon. Moving on to Dow Corning as Business and Innovation Director, Simon was responsible for a $100M portfolio of silicone-based materials for consumer electronics applications including displays.

In 2015, Simon joined FlexEnable as Commercial Director, leading the go-to-market planning and offer development from the company’s inception. He went on to engage a portfolio of the world's most valuable brands as lead customers for FlexEnable's plastic LCD screen and plastic LC optics technologies.

Simon joined Helio as CEO in 2019.