Theo Marescaux

Co-founder and Chief Product Officer | Swave Photonics
Theo Marescaux

Theo Marescaux is a trailblazing tech entrepreneur and HXR pioneer, reshaping the AR/VR industry through his work at Swave Photonics. As the co-founder and Chief Product Officer, Theo is at the forefront of Holographic Extended Reality (HXR) projection chips development, unlocking new possibilities for immersive visualization and collaboration.

With a diverse background spanning over 20 years in tech startups and corporate environments, Theo's experience includes roles as CEO at MuuseLabs and product manager for digital cinema at Barco. He started his career as a researcher at IMEC, delving into microelectronics and HW/SW architectures.

Theo holds a PhD in microelectronics from TU Eindhoven and an MBA from Vlerick Business School. As an insightful writer, his articles explore the potential of holography in shaping the future of metaverse experiences.

Driven by innovation and a passion for deep tech, Theo Marescaux is redefining how we interact with virtual worlds and revolutionizing immersive experiences through HXR technology.