Yasuo Nakane SID19 Biz

Flat Panel Industry Outlook

I believe the shift from LCD to OLED will accelerate over the coming five years. Major smartphone brands are shifting to OLED starting with their flagship models as manufacturers of small to mid-sized displays are focusing on creating displays for smartphones that are thinner and lighter, have higher video display quality, are more easily processed, and foldable. Tablets, laptop computers, and automobiles are the main markets for LCD displays. I expect OLED’s presence in these markets to increase over the medium to long term. For large displays, the shift to OLED is progressing thanks to panel manufacturers’ strategies (South Korean manufacturers trying to differentiate themselves from Chinese manufacturers), rather than on demand from consumers or television brands. Based on this and given the overview of the value chain, I would like to present my view on the likelihood of the above predictions coming true, the risks, the impact on the supply chain as a whole, and which companies will benefit and which will lose out.