2021 AMOLED Smartphone Revenue Reaches $397B - A Record 56% Unit Share for Flexible AMOLED

Published January 3, 2022

DSCC has released its latest Quarterly Advanced Smartphone Features Report and revealed its preliminary Q4’21 and 2021 AMOLED smartphone unit and revenue results. Q3’21 and Q4’21 were very strong quarters for AMOLED smartphone panel procurements and AMOLED smartphone revenue. Q3’21 finished strong with a 22% Q/Q and 33% Y/Y increase of 163M AMOLED smartphone panels and $106B for smartphone revenue followed by Q4’21, with an 11% Q/Q increase to 180M AMOLED smartphone panels and $110B in smartphone revenue. On a panel procurement basis, we expect 2021 to achieve a total of 634M AMOLED smartphone panels, a 27% Y/Y increase and $397B for smartphone revenue, a 22% Y/Y increase.

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David Naranjo