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Augmented and Virtual Reality

Apple Vision Pro: A Game Changer?

June 7, 2023

Apple finally unveiled its first AR/VR headset at WWDC this week. The Apple Vision Pro will be available in the US “early next year” for a whopping $3499. Apple justifies […]
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Augmented and Virtual Reality

Meta Announces Pricing for Quest 3 Headset

June 5, 2023

Meta has announced that pricing for the Quest 3 headset will start from $499.99 for 128GB of storage. There is no official release date yet, but the headset should start […]
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Quarterly MiniLED Backlight Technologies, Cost and Shipment Report

MiniLED backlights in LCDs can potentially offer numerous advantages over other flat panel display technologies, most notably in high brightness, high contrast ratio, lower power consumption than WOLED TV and higher efficiency. The superior performance makes MiniLED backlights attractive for use in a variety of applications, ranging from large TVs to IT […]
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Display Technology TV

MicroLED Display Technology and Market Outlook

MicroLED display technology is making rapid progress and is now at an early stage of commercialization. However, there are still challenges to establish a reliable supply chain and lower the manufacturing cost, despite the push by companies such as Apple, Samsung and Facebook. The report addresses the technical hurdles which depend mostly […]
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Weekly Review Headlines

June 5th, 2023

The Lead

  • Springtime Rally in LCD TV Panel Prices Will Stall in the Summer

Display Week 2023

  • Highlights of SID Display Week 2023 Exhibition – Panel Makers
  • SID/DSCC Business Conference – Insights from Analyst Session
  • SID/DSCC Business Conference AR/VR Session Summary
  • SID/DSCC Business Conference Session Review - Emerging Display Technologies
  • Merck KGaA Demonstrates Optical Components for AR/VR at SID 2023

Display Materials and Components

  • Canon Develops New Perovskite Ink
  • MagnaChip Spins Off its DDIC Business

PCs and IT

  • Acer Announces New Notebook PC
  • Dell Consumer PC Revenue Drops 41% - Expects Sequential Growth in the Second Half of the Year
  • Asus Announces New 49” OLED Monitor
  • HP Misses on Revenue - Consumer and Commercial PC Revenue Drop 39% and 24%
  • MSI Announces 16” OLED Notebook PC


  • Meta Announces Pricing for Quest 3 Headset


  • Honor, Oppo, Vivo and Xiaomi Announce New AMOLED Smartphones

Display Equipment

  • Latest Display Equipment POs and Awards

Display Stocks and the Economy

  • Stocks Surge on Job Gains

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