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LCD TV Panel Prices Edging Up in Q1

March 6, 2023

After a pause in December and January, LCD TV panel prices are increasing again from their all-time lows. With LCD fab utilization well below normal levels, TV supply chain inventories […]
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Display Technology TV

MicroLED Display Technology and Market Outlook

MicroLED display technology is making rapid progress and is now at an early stage of commercialization. However, there are still challenges to establish a reliable supply chain and lower the manufacturing cost, despite the push by companies such as Apple, Samsung and Facebook. The report addresses the technical hurdles which depend mostly […]
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Quarterly MiniLED Backlight Technologies, Cost and Shipment Report

MiniLED backlights in LCDs can potentially offer numerous advantages over other flat panel display technologies, most notably in high brightness, high contrast ratio, lower power consumption than WOLED TV and higher efficiency. The superior performance makes MiniLED backlights attractive for use in a variety of applications, ranging from large TVs to IT […]
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Display Materials

Annual Outlook for Key Display Materials


The production of flat panel displays requires many different materials. In this report, we examine the market and trends for various gases, metal targets, liquid crystal, photoresist and PI alignment. This report reviews vital materials used in display production and provides estimates of consumption and revenues for each category of materials. The […]
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Weekly Review Headlines

March 27th, 2023

The Lead

  • DSCC Sees OLED Revenues Falling 7% Y/Y in 2023 – Bright Outlook Continues for IT Applications
  • Advanced Monitor Market Expected to Rise 72% Y/Y in 2023 On Triple-Digit Growth for OLED Monitors
  • Advanced Notebook PCs Decline 6% Q/Q in Q4’22 – 2023 Expected to Remain Flat


  • Samsung Releases US Prices and Sets Up OLED TV Price War
  • Has Vizio Found a New Business Model for TV?
  • Amazon Expands TV Lineup with More Models to More Countries
  • TCL Updates MiniLED TV Flagship for 2023 – TCL X11G


  • Google Glass Discontinued
  • Rokid Launches New Smart Glasses with Micro OLED
  • VueReal Appoints Semiconductor Industry Experts in Key Roles
  • Foxconn Continues to Move Toward the Metaverse


  • Oppo and Vivo Announce New AMOLED Smartphones
  • Xiaomi Reports 15% Y/Y Revenue Decline in 2022 as Smartphones Drop 20%

Display Equipment

  • Top Engineering Develops Large Display Bonding Equipment for Automotive
  • Latest Display Equipment POs and Awards

Display Stocks and the Economy

  • Stocks Shrug Off Rate Hike and Bank Worries

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