Apple and Samsung Maintain Best Selling OLED Smartphones in Q2’23 But Lose Share to Oppo, Vivo and Xiaomi

Published August 14, 2023

As revealed in DSCC’s latest release of the OLED Shipment Report – Flash Edition, OLED panel shipments increased 10% Q/Q and decreased 2% Y/Y in Q2’23 to 170M units. The Q/Q growth for several applications is a positive sign that indicates that inventory is starting to rebalance for some categories after Y/Y declines in 2022 and double-digit Q/Q and Y/Y declines in Q1’23. In Q2’23, by select OLED applications, smartphones panel shipments increased 4% Q/Q and 1% Y/Y in units and TV panel shipments increased 42% Q/Q and decreased 26% Y/Y in units.

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David Naranjo