Apple’s OLED iPad Pro’s Undergo a Mix Shift

Published June 24, 2024

We continue to track Apple’s OLED iPad Pro panel procurement on a monthly basis through our supply chain contacts. Looking at the data, we were initially surprised when production started in February and March that the allocation between 11.1” and 13” heavily favored 13” with at least a 70% share. Our understanding for this was that SDC may have had some technical challenges managing crosstalk/light leakage in the tandem stack and SDC was the dominant 11.1” supplier. Looking at April and May, we saw that the gap closed quite a bit between 13” and 11.1” with 11.1” reaching nearly a 40% share in April and nearly a 50% share in May. It appears that SDC may have solved their technical challenges and, at the same time, LGD was added as a second supplier and started shipping higher volumes. Apple’s OLED iPad Pro Panel Procurement Mix

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Ross Young