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BOE Bounces Back from COVID in Q2 to Finish Strong First Half

September 1, 2020

BOE Technologies, Inc (BOE) issued its 2020 Interim Report this week with financial results for the first half of 2020. Revenues, which had declined in Q1 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, bounced back to set a record in Q2. While much of the flat panel display industry has suffered losses before and during the pandemic, BOE posted profits, and the company has posted a profit in every quarter since Q2 2016.
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BOE Acquiring CEC Panda Fabs in Nanjing and Chengdu

September 28, 2020

BOE Technology Group, Ltd (BOE) announced this week the proposed acquisition of majority stakes in two of the four CEC Panda LCD fabs in China, the Gen 8.5 fab in Nanjing and the Gen 8.6 fab in Chengdu. While no specific transfer price was stated, a minimum price for each fab was described. While some uncertainty remains because the transactions will still need approval from BOE shareholders, this is the most complete description thus far for the sale of CEC Panda assets, and it looks likely to proceed.
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