Are G8.5 Oxide FMM VTE OLED Fabs for IT Markets Around the Corner?

Published July 26, 2021

Each quarter we interview the top 10-15 equipment suppliers on upcoming fab projects for our Quarterly Display Capex and Equipment Market Share Report. For the latest issue, we see growing consensus that a Korean manufacturer is preparing to issue orders in early 2022 for the world’s first G8.5 oxide TFT RGB OLED fab for IT markets which would use vertical FMM VTE equipment to deposit the OLED materials. We also hear that two other suppliers are also investigating G8.5 or ½ G8.5 OLED fabs for IT markets.

The full article, available to subscribers of the DSCC Weekly Review, discusses the implications for such a new fab on IT and TV markets, why oxide is being pursued over LTPS, the status of the candidate deposition tools, whether the fab will be rigid or flexible, the winners and losers among equipment and OLED materials suppliers and more. DSCC is also working on a new report called The Future of OLED Manufacturing that will look further into the product and technology roadmaps for all major applications as well as opportunities for equipment and materials suppliers. DSCC is interviewing major panel, equipment and materials suppliers and working with industry experts on this report. We pay particular attention to G8.5 IT and TV OLED fabs and explore all the technology alternatives. We also spend a significant time on oxide/IGZO development looking at how the process has been simplified and how mobilities are likely to improve to enable further improvements in resolution and more. We think G8.5 oxide OLED fabs will become a big deal in the display industry and certainly have the potential to reduce OLED manufacturing costs for OLED IT panels and relative to certain OLED TV technologies as well. Please feel free to contact if you are interested in discussing any of these publications.

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Ross Young