DSCC Finalizes Agenda for its Future of Display Technologies and Markets Conference

Published October 2, 2018

The agenda for our Future of Display Technologies & Markets Conference on November 6th in Santa Clara is now final as seen below. The first talk will be by Ross Young and will detail DSCC's latest forecasts for OLED shipments, revenues, prices, supply/demand, fab utilization, LCD and OLED equipment spending, etc. as well as our view on technology roadmaps and inflection points.

The next session will feature a display technology roadmap shootout between Quantum Dots, LCDs, OLEDs, MicroLEDs and Light Field Displays.

  • Nanosys CEO Jason Hartlove will kick off this session and discuss how they have solved the blue absorption problem enabling the commercialization of QD color converters without the need of a color filter. Also in the QD session, QD analyst/consultant Peter Palomaki will review the latest developments across the QD industry while NanoPhotonica CEO Christopher Morton will focus on their developments of QLED materials. NanoPhotonica has proven to be the leader in QLED material development, which have the potential to replace OLED materials due to their greater robustness as they are less sensitive to moisture and oxygen.
  • In the LCD portion, Intel’s John Jacobs will outline the future for LCDs in notebooks with special attention paid to HDR, WCG and miniLED backlights. PixelDIsplay CTO David Wyatt will then discuss their recent advances in improving LCD color gamut.
  • In the OLED session, UDC’s Mike Hack will discuss the outlook for OLEDs in mobile, TV and lighting applications. In addition, Royole R&D Director Dr. Ze Yuan will discuss their flexible/foldable/rollable roadmap.
  • In the microLED session, leading microLED analyst Eric Virey will update the audience as to where microLEDs are in their development, identifying the most significant challenges and most viable solutions. He will also present their latest forecast. Also in this session is VueReal CEO Reza Chaji who will discuss his company’s approach to reducing the cost of microLEDs as well as his outlook for the microLED market.
  • In the light field display session, FoVI3D CEO Thomas Burnett will tell us why light field displays represent the future of the display market, explain how his technology works and share their progress and roadmap. We may have 1 more light field speaker, we will let you know.
  • ​In the smartphone session, we will focus on catalysts for future growth. Greenlights CEO Clifton Dawson will discuss why AR has an opportunity to be a catalyst for the smartphone market and he will update us on the most important developments in AR. In addition, DSCC will delve into the latest iPhone results and forecasts as well as what is coming in regards to foldable displays. In addition, DuPont’s Francesco Lemmi will discuss their offerings for foldable displays and what they see as the biggest challenges.
  • In the TV session, Kateeva’s Dr. Neetu Chopra will discuss their latest progress in ink jet printing soluble OLEDs and quantum dots. In addition, Kateeva and DSCC will present their latest findings on cost modeling RGB OLEDs and QD OLEDs vs. WOLEDs. Bob will also present DSCC’s latest TV market forecasts and what to look for this holiday season.​

Future of Display Market and Technologies Conference, November 6th, Santa Clara, CA

8:30AM – 9:15AM Display Supply Chain Market and Technology Outlook
This session features DSCC’s latest market forecasts for the display supply chain touching on fab utilization, supply/demand, capacity, panel pricing, unit forecasts, revenue forecasts, penetration and outlook by technology, winners and losers, etc. The latest 2018 – 2022 forecasts will be provided to attendees. In addition, it will include DSCC’s view on the roadmap for today’s leading display technologies and many of the likely technologies of the future and which technologies are likely to flourish and why.

  • Ross Young, Founder and CEO, DSCC

9:15AM – 3:15PM Display Technology Roadmaps
This session will feature presentations from leading display industry executives on how they believe display technologies will advance. Each presenter will provide unique insight into why their technology is the best bet and most likely to outperform. Attendees will learn how LCDs, OLEDs, Quantum Dots, MicroLEDs and Light Field Displays are likely to evolve, reduce costs and improve performance. ​

  • ​Quantum Dots and QLEDs
    • Jason Hartlove, President and CEO, Nanosys
    • Peter Palomaki, Owner/Chief Scientist, Palomaki Consulting
    • Dr. Christopher Morton, CEO, NanoPhotonica
  • LCDs
    • John Jacobs, Commercial Technologist / Commodity Manager, Intel Corporation
    • David Wyatt, CTO, PixelDisplay Inc
  • OLEDs
    • Mike Hack, VP of Business Development, Universal Display
    • Dr. Ze Yuan, Director of R&D, Royole
  • MicroLEDs
    • Eric Virey, Senior Market and Technology Analyst, Yole
    • Reza Chaji, CEO and Founder, VueReal Inc.
  • Light Field Displays
    • ​Thomas Burnett, CTO/Principal, ​FoVI3D

3:05 PM – 4:20 PM Smartphone Catalysts/Outlook and Foldable Displays
This session will feature the latest outlook from the smartphone market as well as touch on a number of different catalysts such as AR, 5G and foldable displays. Special attention will be paid to AR and technologies enabling foldable displays. The latest supply chain view on Apple’s iPhone launch will also be covered as will the forecast for the smartphone market by display technology, form factor, size, etc.

  • Clifton Dawson, Founder and CEO, Greenlight Insights
  • Ross Young, CEO and Founder, DSCC
  • Francesco Lemmi, Business Development Director, Flexible Displays, Dow-Dupont Electronics and Imaging

4:20 PM – 5:20 PM TV Market and Technology Outlook
This session will feature technologies enabling better performing and lower cost TVs. Cost forecasts will be presented for the different approaches, performance improvements will be discussed and key challenges will be identified. Detailed TV market forecasts will also be provided.

  • Dr. Neetu Chopra, Director, RGB Program, Kateeva
  • Bob O’Brien, President and Co-Founder, DSCC

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