DSCC Report Compares and Forecasts OLED and MiniLED Panel Costs in Tablets, Notebooks and Monitors

Published November 8, 2021

In DSCC’s newly released Quarterly Advanced IT Display Shipment and Technology Report, one of the many highlights is the cost comparisons between OLEDs and MiniLED panels in tablets, notebooks and monitors. We took the MiniLED panel sizes that Apple has or will introduce at 12.9”, 16.2” and 27” and tried to compare them on an apples to apples basis with identically sized OLEDs. We actually looked at two different flavors of MiniLED backlight units (BLUs) as shown below. For tablets and notebooks, we looked at chip on board (COB) FPC and BT type PCB backplanes with 10,000 MiniLEDs and 2596 zones as well as a lower cost approach with 3000 MiniLEDs and 779 zones using package on Board MiniLEDs with FR4 PCB backplanes. For monitors, we used an 1152 zone configuration with 5000 MiniLEDs and a BT-type PCB backplane. The report laid out the type of fab utilization and yields which assumed G8.5 oxide backplanes were used with variable refresh rates up to 120Hz.

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Ross Young