DSCC Sees S24 Series Monthly Panel Shipments Outpacing S23 Series by 11% Through January – S24 Ultra Has the Majority Share

Published December 11, 2023

The Samsung Galaxy S24 series is expected to be announced in mid-January, almost one month earlier than previous Unpacked events for the S series. As we show in the DSCC Monthly Flagship Smartphone Tracker, the S24 series panel shipment estimates through January 2024 are tracking 11% higher than the S23 series and 53% higher than the S22 series during the same time period of October – January leading up to the launch. The S24 series is expected to use an LTPO backplane for the S24, S24+ and S24 Ultra (the S23 and S23+ used an LTPS backplane). Our supply chain sources have also confirmed that the S24 will have a larger display of 6.16” versus 6.06” for the S2,3 and the S24+ will have a 6.66” display size versus a 6.61” display for the S23+. The S24 series is also expected to use the new 4nm Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 and the 4nm Samsung Exynos 2400 for some regions.

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David Naranjo