DSCC Shows Large Drop in 2023 Display Equipment Spending

Published May 2, 2022

Given the worsening pricing and supply/demand picture, we have seen a number of fab expansion projects delayed and a few canceled. As a result, we now show 2023 equipment spending on a move-in basis down 57% to just $5.3B. By technology, we show LCDs down 70% to just $1.9B and OLEDs down 42% to $3.4B. Note, we do show a number of fab projects with deliveries in Q1’24 and show 2024 up 117% vs. 2023 to $11.6B. In 2024, we show OLEDs up 115% to $7.3B and LCDs up 121% to $4.3B. We also show another 15% growth in 2025 to a total of $13.3B. We lowered 2020-2025 spending by 6% to $71B.

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Ross Young