DSCC’s New Report on Quantum Dot Technology Coming Soon

Published February 10, 2020

Quantum Dot (QD) display technology was first introduced to enable LCDs deliver a Wide Color Gamut (WCG) and high brightness. Samsung pioneered the technology and launched the ‘QLED TVs’ in 2015. QLED TVs use LCD technology with a blue backlight and a quantum dot enhancement film (QDEF). This technology combined with High Dynamic Range (HDR) allowed the performance of premium LCDs to compete with the performance of OLED TVs. Samsung Electronics has reportedly shipped over 5.4M premium QLED TVs sets in 2019 and the shipment is expected to grow rapidly this year. A lot of Chinese display manufacturers including Vizio, TCL, HiSense have since then adopted this technology and released products at a lower price point. A Vizio 55” 4K M- Quantum Series UHDTV can be purchased for $358 as of today. A once premium product is quickly transitioning to a mainstream product.

As the QD market continues to grow, display panel manufacturers are constantly innovating to deliver the best display technology. Other photo conversion technologies such as Quantum dot on Glass (QDOG), are expected to penetrate premium TVs and monitors. Further, in 2019, Samsung announced their plan of investing $11B in a first of its kind QD-OLED panel production. This hybrid technology is expected to deliver the best of both OLEDs and QDs. Beyond these technologies, QD material companies and panel are working on the ultimate solution- “electroluminescent QDs” (EL-QD). EL-QDs hold much promise in that these devices are self-emissive and offer the best brightness, black levels and could potentially be low cost. Successful commercialization of this technology would require the lifetimes of the devices to be improved to match current display standards.

In summary, QDs are becoming ubiquitous in displays. In line with the market, our forecast predicts over 25M Quantum dot panels to be shipped by 2025 with various product mixes.

With such a promising market outlook, DSCC is proud to announce a new report on Quantum Dot Technology. The new report is expected to be offered soon and is critical for every company in the QD supply/chain- panel makers, material suppliers, equipment suppliers, brands and R&D.

Report Deliverables Will Include:

      • Introduction to QDs & Various implementations of QD for displays
      • Types of QDs – Cd, InP, ZnSe and Perovskites
      • RoHS Compliance and implications
      • Sizing the QD Market
      • QDEF sizing by application, brand, size, region
      • QDEF Cost breakdown for QDEF LCD TVs
      • QDEF Supply Chain & Profiles
      • QDOG for TVs and monitors
      • Introduction to QDCC & QDCC Architecture for QD-OLED and QD-uLED
      • Ink Jet Printing of QDCC- Advantages and challenges
      • QD-OLED Cost breakdown for QD-OLED TVs
      • QDCC High absorption materials status
      • Introduction to EL-QD
      • EL-QD- Advantages & Challenges
      • Current status of EL-QD
      • Hybrid OLED-QD EL devices
      • QD Displays Shipment Forecast

Please contact Gerry@displaysupplychain.comif you would like more information

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