eMagin Reveals Breakthrough with 10K Nit Micro OLED

Published November 1, 2021

Microdisplay maker eMagin announced last week achieving a major milestone in OLED displays that may enable the next wave of AR and VR devices. In a small event in New York City which I attended, eMagin demonstrated their full-color OLED microdisplay capable of 10,000 cd/m2. As described in DSCC’s Annual Augmented and Virtual Reality Display Technologies and Market Report, displays are a key enabling technology for AR and VR, and may limit the ability of devices to deliver the immersive experience that they promise. Some of the early efforts at VR have been hindered by motion artifacts, low resolution or other issues. At the NY event, eMagin CEO Andrew Sculley gave a short presentation which included this comparison of some existing VR devices which do not achieve anything close to the resolution capability of the human eye.

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Bob O'Brien