Foxconn - Wisconsin Groundbreaking Set for June 28th

Published May 10, 2019

We've been waiting for this for a few months, and now we know we've got another seven weeks to wait but not longer. I received today a "Save the Date" e-mail announcing the date of the Groundbreaking Ceremony of the Wisconn Valley Science & Technology Park. The Ceremony will be held on June 28th, 2018 at the Foxconn site in Racine County, Wisconsin.

Just as interesting as the contents of the email was its source: not Foxconn, but Sharp. The email came from Sherry Chapman, Sr. Director of Brand Management for Sharp Consumer Display. Of course we know that Foxconn owns a controlling interest in Sharp, and the Gen 10 technology to be built in the Wisconsin complex derives from Sharp's Gen 10 fab in Sakai City, Japan. So it makes sense that Sharp is involved in the event, but it's clear that this is a Foxconn event, not a Sharp one.

The Save the Date note asks that I plan "to celebrate this historic moment with us as we create 13,000 high-paying jobs with our $10 billion investment in Wisconsin', and that I can expect a formal invitation within a couple weeks. From a personal standpoint as someone who saw the demise of display manufacturing in the USA in the CRT era, it will be a great pleasure to see its revival near the shores of Lake Michigan. I'm planning to be there - see you there!

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Bob O'Brien