Highlights from the AR/VR Display Forum

Published November 8, 2021

DSCC hosted the AR/VR Display Forum last week. The virtual event featured three DSCC analysts and 18 invited speakers from various companies involved in augmented reality and virtual reality. The topics covered included display technologies (LCD, OLED, MicroLED) as well as lasers and waveguides.

You can still register to watch the recordings of the sessions here: www.accelevents.com/e/arvr-display-forum?aff=DSCCweekly . The recording will be available until December 4, 2021.

In my own presentation, I described how AR/VR is a new battleground for display technologies, with far more contenders than in any other application. My colleague Chase Li covered the Micro OLED landscape in China (see his article, also in this issue).

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Dr. Guillaume Chansin